Network-wide meeting-1: Challenges in concentrating solar power plants

Network wide meeting
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TOPCSP partners at the first network wide meeting at PROMES laboratory. We visited to the Odeillo’s solar furnace, Thémis solar tower and eLLO power plant. 

On this link you can see the programme of the event (añadir un link que accede al PDF del programa).

The doctoral candidates presented their projects during the sessions:

  • Sergio Díaz presented a flux density measurement system for the reduction of heliostat and receiver losses (DC1, DLR).
  • Israel Aguilera talked about the perspectives of his study on turbulent boiling flows in a DSG solar receiver (DC2, CNRS)
  • Eylül Gedik talked about improved steam cycle layouts to improve flexibility of the power block of CSPplants (RWTH, DC3).
  • Vahid Safari presented the experimental and numerical work planned to study molten salt receivers (UC3M, DC4).
  • Vladimir Naumov showed preliminary designs of cycles with sCO2 mixtures (UNIBS, DC5).
  • Hussein Al-Saaidi (Universidad de Sevilla) presented a proposal for the electrification of the thermal storage that helps to hybridize CSP with other renewables (US, DC6).
  • Alejandro González presented preliminary results of the simulation of solar receivers used for solar fuel production (POLIMI, DC7).
  • Jorge Moreno presented a proposal for a development of generative designs of solar tower receivers (CyI, DC8).
  • Tom Todtenhaupt talked about his project to develop Reduced Order Models to optimize the receiver and the solar field (VM, DC9).
  • Mariasun Palmero presented the scope of her LCA analysis of a CSP plant (JCR, DC10).

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