This doctoral network aims to be the first PhD training programme to respond to the growing need for qualified CSP researchers. Research skills, which will be acquired by each doctoral candidate through the doctoral-level investigations of the task associated with his/her individual research project. In addition, DCs will be trained through network-wide events, secondments and events opened to the wider research community. The main network-wide events planned are:

    • Network-wide meeting-1 at CNRS: Challenges in concentrating solar power plants.
    • Workshop-1, online: Advanced materials and working fluids applied to CSP plants.
    • Workshop-2, at Politecnico di Milano: High temperature & pressure systems in CSP plants. (CR, RR, TS in the talk ‘Technology based entrepreneurship’)
    • Network-wide meeting-2, at The Cyprus Institute: New solutions and improved understanding of next generation CSP.
    • Workshop-3, at Plataforma Solar de Almería: Innovation in CSP plants: From new concepts to commercial systems.
    • Network-wide meeting-3, at UC3M: Final network meeting.


Besides, the doctoral candidates will be offered training courses specifically designed to provide technological, research-related, and transferable skills. Also, during the doctorate, they will attend international conferences related to CSP.

Finally, secondments are arranged such that each doctoral candidate will acquire intersectoral skills through research in different academic and scientific environments as well as in the industrial private sector.